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If you're a new or experienced Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager or Social Media Manager this is DEFINITELY the place for you. 

Inside my resource center, you'll get access to FREE, high-value biz-building resources. They’re documents I use with my 1:1 clients all the time or that I created while I was growing my $10K+ per month OBM business. And most importantly, they’re resources that will help you build or scale your business with ease. 


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2 Lessons


If you're new to your business and still in the starting phase, this is the place for you. Inside THE STARTER SET you'll get access to my two BEST free resources for women who are still new to their business to include:

⚡ Create Your Own Virtual Business Blueprint

This resource is GOLD for new online business owners because it helps you create the foundational beginning of your business that are necessary to succeed online. 

⚡ Set or Reset Your Virtual Biz Offerings

There are exactly 985697342 offerings a VA, OBM or SMM could provide their clients with, but there are only a few that are the right ones for YOU. Use this PDF to work through all of the possible offerings you could start (or restart) your business with to get the clarity you need to start taking on paying clients.



2 Lessons

If you've been running an online business for a minute and are working on scaling to that next, scarciting level, this is the place for you. Inside THE SCALING SET you'll get access to my two BEST free resources for women who are scaling their business to include:

⚡Create Your Own Client Boundary Setting Document

This resource is GOLD for scaling online business owners because it helps you thoughtfully think through and craft your own business boundaries and gives you a way to professionally provide that to your existing and new clients. Boundaries are necessary for a successful AND balanced business. Do not skip over this one (unless of course you like to be in burnout mode all the time!). 

⚡Raise Your Rates Email Template + Script

9 time out of 10 when I take on a new client one of the first things we work on is raising their rates. But it's SCARY if you've never done it before! To help take the guess-work and fear out of asking for the money you desire in your business, I'm providing you with an email template and script to help you ask your existing clients for MORE, today. 

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